Narmada Shakti

This product is an Plant growth Enhancer It contents Potassium silicate in concentrated nature. It acts as Fertilizer and Insecticide Helps to compensate silicon deficiency It improves quality and quantity of plant


What is Narmada Shakti ?

PGEs may enhance plant growth by various mechanisms. These include: providing supporting nutrients (fertilizers), and improving soil condition (adjusting the pH of the soil, improving soil structure and texture, aeration adjustment, and moisture conservation among others), or controlling or suppressing plant pests. These PGEs could contain organic and inorganic components, and could be of natural or synthetic origin. Inorganic PGEs are composed of synthetic chemicals and/or minerals, while organic PGEs are often composed of organic matter from plant/animal sources, and/or microbes. Thus, organic amendments may include materials such as manure, earthworm castings, soil, sphagnum peat, grass clippings, straw, wood chips, various composts, seaweed, guano, or naturally occurring mineral deposits (saltpetre), and living microorganisms among others

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