Dhan Zyme Neam

Dhan Zyme Neam is a soil health enhancer. Dhan Zyme Neam is an excellent soil conditioner containing perfect combination of humates, fulvates and sea weed extracts in granular form for soil application.Dhan Zyme Neam helps to improve soil properties also helps to increases the soil cation exchange capacity and it acts as PH neutralizer. It helps in decomposition of organic material of the soil and releases the nutrients to the plant which are fixed in the soil. It adds potassium to soil which improves the crop quality and extends the shelf life of produce. Dhan Zyme Neam can be used for paddy, wheat, maize, cotton, soybean, sugarcane, all pulses and cereal crops, oil seeds, fruits and vegetable crop and other commercial crops.


What is Dhan Zyme Neam ?

1.Dhan Zaem Nyme stabilizes the posture of nitrogen in an atmosphere.

2.Mixing phosphate and potash helps in balanced nutrition of the crop. Dhan Zyme Neam balances only plant life functions such as cells, metabolic processes, light desensitization action, oils, growth of shrubs, fruit quality and disease Increases the ability to fight.

3.As this tillering is a granule, it helps to complete the life and increase the fertility of the soil by transforming it into indole, butol, amal.

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